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Trail Descriptions:
Inland Woods
Pine Ridge Recreational Area
Quarry Road Trail
Thomas College Trail
Messalonskee Stream Trail
Benton-Winslow Rotary Trail
East Kennebec Trail
North Street Recreational Area Trail
South End Island Trail
Mill Island Park

Inland Woods, Waterville

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Distance and difficulty: The Inland Woods Trails, approximately 1 mile in length, provide a convenient link from busy Kennedy Memorial Drive to several miles of trails for mountain biking, walking, cross-country skiing, and snowhshoeing.
Description.: A short (¼ mile), mulched walking loop connects with a natural surface “Streamside Trail” and 24′ pedestrian bridge constructed by the Maine Conservation Corps that crosses over a small stream, an interesting natural feature of the property. The Streamside Trail then connects to a walking trail that climbs along the ridge and intersects with a double-track multi-use tote road trail leading to the 144-acre city-owned Pine Ridge Recreation Area. Inland Woods Trails, located in the 17-acre woods behind Inland Hospital at 200 Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville, are accessed via a trailhead in the back corner of the employee parking lot behind the hospital. For more information contact or 861-3292.

Pine Ridge Recreational Area, Waterville

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Description: The 144-acre Pine Ridge Recreational Area in the heart of Waterville offers several miles of trails for mountain biking, walking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. From walking paths along meandering streams to old tote roads paralleling stone walls and twisty single-track bike trails, the area offers something for all non-motorized interests and abilities. Recently rehabilitated and expanded, more trail improvements are planned during the summer of 2011 to enhance one of the area’s most beautiful and surprisingly untouched natural areas.
Connections: Trail access is via the Inland Woods Trail behind Inland Hospital on Kennedy Memorial Drive or from Rummel’s Field off the West River Road.

Quarry Road Recreation Area, Waterville

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Distance and difficulty: Approximately a 3 mile loop, moderately difficult multi-use trail – several ups and downs.
Status: Trail opened winter 2009-2010 for winter/Nordic use only. Trail seeded late fall 2009 and needs time to germinate in order to establish firm surface. Trail to be re-opened mid-late summer 2010 for other user groups include walkers, runners, mountain. bikers, etc.
Description: John Morton (Morton Trails, LLC) has designed a trail of exceptional beauty and variety, winding through the woods between Quarry Road and Messalonskee Stream. The multi-use, four season loop trail is approx. 3 miles in length and 16-18′ in width. The trail offers beautiful views of the Stream, impressive hemlock and pine stands and leads to an enormous open field at the base of what was the old Colby ski slope. A variety of ups and downs, twists and turns creates a marvelous and challenging venue. Similar to the carriage trails of Bar Harbor , we suspect our trails will be very popular with the general public.
Parking: Limited parking available at the end of Quarry Road (just north of I95 overpass).
Connections: Access to Waterville Connector trail to the South and KMTrails in Oakland and Fairfield to the North.
Maintained by: Waterville Parks and Recreation and Waterville Public Works Departments.
Special Thanks to: City of Waterville, Dr. John Koons, Maine Department of Conservation

Thomas College Trail, Waterville

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Distance and difficulty: Approximately ½ mile, moderately difficult hiking trail with some ups and downs, stone steps and a pedestrian bridge
Status: Official trail opening on National Trails Day, June 2009 and is now open for students, staff, faculty, and the general public
Description: The route traverses a hilly landscape through the woods and includes a spectacular viewing spot above the river.   The location of the trail is especially appealing as it passes the confluence of the Kennebec River and Messalonskee Stream.   It’s a short but impressive hike, and enthusiastic hikers can enjoy a longer walk around the neighboring Junior High School trail or Pine Ridge trails.
Parking: South Parking Lot on the Thomas College campus. Signs are posted for ease of access.
Connections:   Access to neighboring trails at the Junior High and Pine Ridge trails via sidewalk and street crossing at this time with hopes to construct a connecting trail between Thomas College Trail and trails at the Junior High in the future
Maintained by: Thomas College and local community volunteers
Special Thanks to: Recreational Trails Program, KM Trails, Inland Hospital, and the Maine Conservation Corps

Messalonskee Stream Trail, Oakland

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Distance and difficulty: 3 miles down and 3 miles back. This is a hiking trail. There are many hills to climb.
Status: Trail was planned in 2005, constructed in 2006, and opened in 2007.
Description: Walk through a gap in a chain link fence, checking out the penstock pipe leading to CMP’s first hydroelectric power station. Proceed into the woods and see the site of the former Cascade Woolen Mill from across the Messalonskee Stream gorge. Cross the power line easement (which has a nice mountain bike trail), and keep on the path. It is mostly single track, crosses several footbridges and passes through beautiful hemlock woods to where the Stream broadens out into a lake. Keep going down, around a peninsula, then up to the power line and along it until you reach the dam access road. Turn left, and proceed towards steel steps which take you over the wood and creosote penstock and along an access road to Rice Rips Road.
Parking: Within a chain link fence on the Waterville side of Messalonskee Stream opposite from the Oakland Town Office (about a dozen cars). There is also limited parking at the other end, north of Rice Rips Road close to the penstock.
Connections: This trail will be extended across Rice Rips Road along a power line easement to the County Road, and from there around to Quarry Road and North Street. Or turn right on Rice Rips Road to reach the Colby College campus trails.
Maintained by: Trail users and the Town of Oakland.
Special Thanks to: Town of Oakland, FPL, Synergics Energy Services, Maine Recreational Trail Program and Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund. The trail was constructed by the Maine Conservation Corps.

Benton-Winslow Rotary Trail

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Distance: 1.9 miles each way. 1.5 to 3 hours.
Status: Completed in 2004-05, with a “superhumus” surface of bark mulch, very easy to walk or run on. Superb for cross-country skiing in winter. Trail amenities consist of three benches, including the granite seat at the far end. KMTrails is currently negotiating the construction of parking facilities and handicapped-accessible access on Crummett Street.
Description: This is a very level trail, constructed along an old rail bed. It leads through beautiful hardwoods, with occasional views of the river, to a former rail bridge abutment. From there one can look up and down river for a mile each way. Expect to see turkeys, deer, ducks, beaver, turtles, and an occasional heron and bald eagle – this is a nature trail. The trail is wheelchair friendly, though initial access for wheelchairs is currently by special permission only with parking on the private driveway of Gary and Marlene Bulger’s off Crummett Street in Benton.
Parking and Access: At Mill Island Park or Fairfield downtown parking, then walk across Route 139 bridge. Or, with permission, at Aquarium Store on Crummett Street. There is no safe parking on Crummett Street itself. Alternatively, drive down through Asher Farms mobile home park off Benton Avenue, then walk down the construction access to the trail.
Connections: For now, back the same way you came. In the future we are planning to extend the trail across the river to the rail yard in Waterville.
Maintained by: Trail users, with annual brush clearing by the Kennebec County Sheriff and Town of Winslow.
Special Thanks to: The Waterville Rotary Club, for which this was their Centennial Project in 2005. The State’s Recreational Trails Fund. The Town of Benton. Paul Newman. Kennebec Messalonskee Trails membership. For access to Gary and Marlene Bulger, Len Poulin and Gladys Booker.

East Kennebec Trail

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Distance: 1.5 miles each way. 1 to 2 hours.
Description: Connecting the Winslow Community Trails and Rotary Centennial Trail, the gravel  and grassy trail passes through a wooded wetland and a wide open stretch with safe river access.  There are also open fields to explore up the eastern slope to Benton.
Parking: Drive in at 752 Benton Avenue and follow the road down to the parking area at the river.  Alternatively,park off Benton Avenue at Dean Street.  Cross Benton Avenue opposite Winslow Elementary School.  The trail is accessed via the Scale House Road, through a gap in a chain link fence near the Hydro Kennebec dam.

North Street Recreational Area Trail, Waterville

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Distance: ½ mile (handicapped accessible), 1 mile, or 2 miles. 20 minutes to 1 hour.
Status: First part cleared and graded in 2004, partly paved in 2005. North Street sidewalk widened in 2004/5. Extension to Edgemont Street cleared in 2004 with plans for full trail construction in 2007.
Description: Follow the shoreline of Messalonskee Stream around the North Street Recreational Area. You can walk several loops, each one returning on the widened North Street sidewalk.
Parking: Anywhere along North Street.
Connections: The paved trail will be extended all the way to Edgemont Street, and from there linked through City streets to Head of Falls. To the north this trail will connect to another trail at the end of Quarry Road, and to the Colby College trails.
Maintained by: Trail users and the City of Waterville.
Special Thanks to: Waterville Sunrise Rotary Club, for which this was their 2005 Centennial Project, City of Waterville, State Recreational Trail Fund. For access, to the Kennebec Water District and Kennebec Sewer District.

South End Island Trail, Waterville

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Distance: 1 mile for the loop. 20 minutes to 1 hour.
Status: Pathway cleared in 2004.
Description: A rustic pathway through beautiful river bottom woodlands. This island is flooded and/or inaccessible in springtime. Natural log benches only.
Parking: Hathaway Building Parking Lot.
Connections: In the future this trail will continue to the stairs leading to Water Street. Future trail routes through Waterville’s South End are being planned.
Maintained by: You or your group?
Special Thanks to: Mario Fossa, who completed the trail clearing as an Eagle Scout Project, and to FPL, Inc. for access.

Mill Island Park, Fairfield

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Distance: ½ mile. 15 to 30 minutes.
Status: This trail was cleared and constructed in 2003. Public restrooms, park benches, playground equipment and signs make this a very pleasant park for recreation.
Description: The trail follows the perimeter of the park, which uses land that was once abuzz with lumber mills. It features historical markers and great views up and across the river.
Parking: Just beyond the railroad overpass. This is the northern Head of Trails along the Kennebec.
Connections: This trail connects south through Water Street in Fairfield, and across the bridge to the Rotary Centennial Trail in Benton.
Special Thanks to: Town of Fairfield, State’s Recreational Trail Fund, and Pike Industries.

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